Friday, September 29, 2017

As we conclude the 2017 RA Blog Week, I want to send my heartfelt thanks to Rick Phillips for organizing this event! This has been a wonderful experience and I am grateful to be a participant! It has helped me grow as a writer and I’m very much enjoying my new found writing legs!

The last writing prompt asks participants to give a shout out to our fellow bloggers. What did we find helpful, useful or creatively interesting? My fellow participants did not disappoint!

One of the blogs that I found to resonate the most was an entry titled, Sexual Revolution by Autoimmunity Girl. Her discussion about how we perceive ourselves with an autoimmune disease was one of the best, I’ve ever read. I connected so much with her writing and want to thank her for her openness.

Your Life with RA, has one of the most helpful articles regarding interactions with your rheumatologist. If you are considering a new rheumatologist or need to find one, the six helpful steps will guide you to success. This is an especially important topic since anyone with a chronic illness needs to interact with physicians.

Two bloggers have great responses regarding partners. Rick Phillips wrote a letter to his wife, expressing his gratitude for her patience with his autoimmune disease. Their love is goals!  The other blogger is, As My Joints Turn: My Autoimmune Soap Opera. The author says that despite her lack of a human partner, she has Georgia. Georgia being her faithful dog!  I loved reading her letter to her four-legged partner! Too cute!

I’ve had the best time doing these writing prompts! I want to thank everyone for reading and sharing! I also want to acknowledge how amazing our community is!

Lots of health and love.