Thursday, September 28, 2017

Hobbies! Everyone has something they are passionate about. But, when you have an autoimmune illness, hobbies can be tricky. Hence, I think my career as the next Ricky Bobby is probably not in the cards!

In college, I loved beading. I loved being so creative and making something beautiful and functional. But, when I was diagnosed with PsA, I couldn’t do beading as frequently due to its tedious nature. Now, I reserve beading until I know I will have time to recover. My hobbies are scheduled and I take it easy and don’t do as much detailed work.

Hobbies aren’t just limited to coloring, beading or something similar. I have a friend that is a health enthusiast. She loves going to the gym, reading about nutrition and cooking. Another friend likes to bake and distribute the yummy goodies to her friends (lucky me). Hobbies are wonderful because they can be tailored to anyone’s strengths. Beading, working out, cooking are just the beginning!

Hobbies are great for people with an autoimmune diseaese. Keep in mind, moderation is key, know your limits and I suggest not doing anything that would cause a major flare. Hobby with mindful aplomb, spoonies!

Lots of health and love.