Wednesday, September 27, 2017

I have thought a lot about Wednesday’s writing prompt and would vacillate between participating or not. I don’t have a partner, and early in my diagnosis, I was incredibly sad I did not. The idea of being potentially disabled, as an older person without children or a partner, was a lot of worry and heartbreak. I worried that a potential partner would be scared off by my disease and an uncertain future. And while I am still sad that this life event hasn’t happened, I feel strong enough to know that whatever comes I will be financially and mentally functional.

This writing prompt is not about sadness, this is about strength and an understanding of each person’s individual situation. I’m very grateful for all the help my parents, friends and my medical team provide. While I am currently not in a relationship, I acknowledge the sacrifices those who love someone with an autoimmune disease provides. To all of you, I encourage you to take care of yourself. Please know that your sacrifices are greatly appreciated by your spoonie.

Lots of health and love.