Sunday, June 10, 2018

As soon as the movie was over, my friends and I got up to leave the theatre. We had just had an awesome girls night with the best Vietnamese food and watching Ocean’s 8. My five friends and I got up to leave. This is where our stories differ. They bounced out of their seats, happy and excited to chat about the movie. They got up and left without thinking twice about their movements.

I got up and had to stretch and prepare for the pain of walking down the stairs. As I did, not wanting to be left behind, I walked with as much vigor as my cohorts. But, they didn’t have to mentally prepare, they didn’t have to endure the pain or the stinging in their joints. The pain didn’t last long but, it was definitely there.

I wouldn’t wish this illness on anyone. But, I do hope that we can educate others and start a discussion about how this affects our every day lives. I’m so grateful for my wonderful group of friends! They love and support me and never make me feel less than because of my PsA. When I am taking handfuls of pills with dinner, they ask if I have enough water. When I leave my seat a little later than they do, they wait for me. Their love and compassion mean everything. We may be different in the way we exit the theatre but, we get up and leave together, not leaving anyone behind.

Lots of health and love.